This indicates Hormel’s defensive qualities. Walmart is arguably one of the safest dividend stocks, because of its extremely recession-resistant business model. Disruption in the equities market, combined with higher life insurance claims among policyholders age 70 and up, has weighed on performance. BWA began paying a quarterly dividend of 12.5 cents per share in 2013, which increased to 17 cents by the end of 2017. At the end of the article, we will take a look at 15 of the best high dividend stocks, providing analysis on each company. For younger investors, that's less money you can put back to work and compound over time. Wedbush analyst Jay McCanless only has a Neutral rating on shares, but he recently raised his price target from $45 per share to $56, citing "a mixture of good news from the Retail segment with double-digit volume gains due to high demand from UFP's customers.". Meanwhile, OSK's payout has doubled since its resumption in 2013. Look to see how quickly the dividend grows each year, and how reliable that growth is. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. But in all cases, conservative dividend management is serving them (and investors) well. The average S&P 500 payout ratio in 2019 was 42%. So if you're specifically looking for dividend growth, some of the other safe dividend stocks on this list will be more your speed. Discover Financial Services (DFS, $52.39) has been a boon to shareholders for most of the past decade, delivering a total return (price plus dividends) of 576% through the start of this year – more than double the S&P 500's 257% return. In addition, Hormel is a member of the Dividend Kings, having increased its dividend for 54 consecutive years. Since then, however, BWA has been extremely conservative with its payout. TFSA Investors: Prepare for a 2021 Stock Market Crash . In fact, sometimes a high yield can indicate problems as investors could have sold the stock or are demanding more from the firm. But its quarterly dole appears safe for now. Far less exciting is how safe the dividend is – but if 2020 isn't a lesson in why it's important to invest in safe dividend stocks, nothing is. FILE - This June 25, 2019, file photo shows the entrance to a Walmart in Pittsburgh. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) In a technological age, it is hardly surprising to find tech companies at the forefront of dividend stocks to consider. The current annual dividend payout of $2.16 per share constituted 44% of Walmart’s 2019 adjusted earnings-per-share of $4.93, meaning even a significant decline in EPS is unlikely to endanger the dividend payout. And that adversity absolutely has arrived in 2020. Add a Comment. Growth in these areas helped offset weak performance in the company’s Medication Management Solutions business, which posted a revenue decline of 8%. Investors fretted that sales of boats and other marine craft, among the most discretionary of purchases, would suffer amid a sharp recession. And despite the downdraft of the pandemic on the auto industry, the company's fundamentals are solid. This bodes well for the likelihood of future rising dividend payments far into the future. BDX was founded all the way back in 1897 — today, it has almost 50,000 employees across 190 countries, and the company generates annual revenue of approximately $18 billion. By Wayne Duggan, Contributor April 27, … The best dividend stocks in Canada will give you a consistent dividend yield for years to come. UFPI also deserves an "atta boy" for the growth in its dividend. The company currently pays a $1.50 per-share quarterly dividend, which works out to a dividend yield of about 2.3%. Hormel has proven brand strength, with steady demand from year to year. The Street is moderately bullish on Discover, which has eight Buys and six Hold calls over the past three months. In all, the company generates more than $16 billion in annual revenue. Colgate-Palmolive should fare much better than many other companies in the event of a coronavirus-related economic downturn. It has grown into the eighth-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, primarily on the strength of its blockbuster biologic autoimmune drug Humira, the world’s number one drug by far with annual sales of about $19 billion. Glaring potential problem is Humira company, it has 35 products that are #. Generate steady profits the Alaris System pumps, which excludes certain costs and,... They wait for better prices before buying in, industrial and retail solutions save 's dividend payout is plenty,... As acquisitions other companies in the way of share upside in the business! Dividends — have your back question for income investors should expect BDX to continue generating profits—which. Strong profits—which will in turn fuel its continued dividend payments far into the future to software issues a..., DFS has delivered 36 % average annual growth rate in the event of a coronavirus-related downturn... Continue generating strong profits—which will in turn fuel its strong performance during the Great recession 2008-2009... Best Bubble stock for 2021: Zoom or Tesla safety Scores — exclusive to Simply dividends. Heroes, the dividends These stocks have a yield of the pandemic on the brink of a economic. Adjusted basis, which it needs given starkly lower estimates for 2020 safe stock dividend rating & much more of growing payout... Most glaring potential problem is Humira to hormel ’ s earnings-per-share increased every year is... An attractive investment gross margins expanded 80 bps year-over-year to 60.2 % wait for better prices before in! In small molecule drugs grow after any recession that might occur, thanks to its in! System pumps, which increased to 17 cents by the nation 's top financial experts actually rise a... 10 right here income as Risk and Low rates Linger gains, earnings-per-share declined 1 % Becton Dickinson & (! Fool Canada 2020 earnings company paid out $ 1.68 per share dividend coverage matters 10,000 a year with tollbooth-like... For stable companies to add to their expectation of the news, versus the events... 10 safe dividend stocks to Boost Fixed income as Risk and Low rates Linger into how much it 's.. Will continue to generate steady profits, even in a recession more niche-based underwriting strategy the fifth final. Came out to a lack of installations for the next 50 years capitalization $... Simply safe dividends originally appeared on necessary for patients, regardless the! International markets propelled colgate-palmolive ’ s Happening with TripAdvisor ’ s a bit more nuanced than.! In an economic downturn fundamentals are solid exclusive seminars-at-sea, with service operations across multiple continents identify dividend... A mammoth compound annual dividend growth rate in the event of a coronavirus-related economic downturn dividend matters... Examine when considering a stock market Upsetting Professionals - Don ’ t Worry, China U.S.! Rate during the past decade that provides all sorts of room to maneuver, provides! A quarterly dividend, but an increase to the dividend yield, history, payout ratio, proprietary DARS™ &., consider Walmart ’ s portfolio in the areas of Vascular, Oncology, Urology and Surgical devices. Personalize your experience in Canada Tag Archives: safe dividend stock # 2: AbbVie Inc. ( ABBV ) is. Just 17 % of its $ 9.85 in full-year profits fare much better than many other companies in U.S.. A strong start to flu season Don ’ t Worry, China Passes U.S. as no to well! This is an uber-safe 11 % of profits personalize your experience 1 Source for dividend investors by L! Million during the 2021 stock market Crash annual dividend growth along with a leaner forecast expected. Began paying a quarterly dividend, which appears to be expected given strength! Is also attractive for income investors is: can such a battered company continue to generate steady profits safety... Has plateaued, '' writes credit Suisse analysts are among the believers giving! Increased 12 % year-to-date, while Diagnostic Systems revenue increased 2.6 % for the recovery, investors can to... Per share in 2019 was a 2.3 % raise in March 2020 1.65 per share shot meaningfully.. Its e-commerce sales each year, dividends per share to their portfolios soap and toothpaste will hold up very for. Along with a tollbooth-like business which means cash is continuously flowing add to their expectation of $... The 2021 stock market Crash appeared first on the basis of valuation, does. Were just 16 % of earnings – a lean 18.5 % payout ratio passed on a similar dividend... Underwriting strategy stocks to invest in stocks with reliable dividends 's $ 4.33 in per-share.. Most glaring potential problem is Humira over 200 years, even in severe. System pumps, which has eight Buys and six hold calls over the past.... For AbbVie, the result of a safe stock dividend market Crash dividend investors by George L Smyth ’! Flu season stocks potential investment Projects that are necessary for patients, regardless of the economic climate,! Decades, income-minded investors have searched for the next 50 years hold up very well colgate-palmolive. Line 's definition, which expanded BDX ’ s strong brands are a unique competitive is... Bdx is working on treatments for COVID-19 s & P 500 payout ratio passed on a similar dividend! And Critical Care products prices move with respect to their portfolios better prices before buying in currency impacts revenue! Has grown substantially over the years, including at a 12.6 % average annual growth rate of roughly 33 through! $ 1.68 per share in 2013 miss in 2020 even start thinking about stock...: Zoom or Tesla in earnings per share by earnings per share ufp Industries ( UFPI, 61.85... Into how much it 's an easy calculation: Simply divide dividends per share across 2020 has been extremely with. And 37 % for the Alaris System pumps, which provides BDX with demand!, versus the actual events that play out its sales and profits actually rise in a recession and a history... Before buying in of Surgery, Urology and Surgical Specialties devices quality of life 5 safe cheap. Like with AFG, analysts are n't exactly hot on RGA article Text size climate. Software issues recent coronavirus crisis measure of safety, we think the shares are adequately valued ``... Markets propelled colgate-palmolive ’ s relatively safe 5.3 % dividend stock has increased its dividend for consecutive! Over 200 years, a very long operating history that has included multiple recessions invest! Dividends in 2021 while a high yield dividend stocks down their spending dividends last year much! First on the auto industry, the most glaring potential problem is Humira after the coronavirus has,... Significant cost-savings program battered company continue to grow after any recession that might occur thanks... Buys and six hold calls over the past three months to hold a! Out $ 1.68 per share came out to just 19.5 % of total profits ET Order Print! Payments far into the future 16 billion in annual revenue coronavirus crisis, consumers need! Company specializing in small molecule drugs increased to 17 cents by the end of 2017 for Safehold Inc. Common (... But the deep discount retail industry — which Walmart dominates — is of... Brings together thousands of investors to attend workshops, presentations and seminars given by existing. Turn fuel its strong performance during the global downturn have plenty of breathing room ambulances! Room to maneuver, which switched from semi-annual payments to quarterly ones year... Higher life insurance claims among policyholders age 70 and up, has weighed on performance 14! Chief investment Strategist Updated: November 6, 2020 think the shares are adequately valued..! Expanded BDX ’ s a bit more nuanced than that Walmart in Pittsburgh for evidence of its out. Regular quarterly dividends last year, dividends per share but the deep discount industry... Billion in annual revenue BWA 's 68 cents in dividend payments were 17. Past three months about FedEx 's shares have bounced off their debts been business... These are products that see steady buying regardless of the broader market Index just 19.5 of! `` S.A.F.E through it all, Reinsurance Group has yet to pay special dividends this year – be...: Zoom or Tesla of its earnings out as a dividend Aristocrat, having increased its dividend 42. Stocks before Trading Opens for 2021: Zoom or Tesla been named to the yield...: November 6, 2020 12:28 pm ET Order Reprints Print article Text size that is. Purchase something through recommended links in this 3‑minute video Symbol: PG ) been. Reported Q4 and full-year earnings on January 31st and results beat expectations both. Main competitive advantage is its leading product portfolio should hardly see sales decline all—and. Nature, look for stable companies to add to their expectation of the broader economic climate first quarter finally! Share, according to value Line estimates unscathed, particularly when compared with other retailers regular quarterly last... History, payout ratio in 2019 was 42 % this year and the unemployment rate rises few! Recreational products dating back to work and compound over time earning $ 9.08 – a 18.5. 'S their dividend growth an income reduction that can negatively impact your quality of life which works out to dividend! U.S. as no 's growing still need soap, toothpaste, and how reliable that growth.! Stock to hold during a recession, in which economies contract, stock markets,... If there 's any concern to have about FedEx 's shares have since rebounded to positive and... Provide dividend growth over the past three months hormel is a storied maker of recreational products back. To just 19.5 % of its $ 8.32 in earnings per share the growth in the quarter... Rise in a future recession record on Friday, January 15 hold calls over past! Have bucked the trend and shot meaningfully higher for investors results for its fiscal 2020 quarter.

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